LinkedIn Profile Makeover – What Makes a LinkedIn Profile Powerful?

January 21st, 2015 Posted by Business Development, How To, Tools and Technology No Comment yet

LinkedIn-Makeover-Image-300x200What Makes a LinkedIn Profile Powerful? Your LinkedIn profile is not your resume. Your resume is your career history. It is dull, boring and often task based. Your LinkedIn profile is your career future. It is who you are, how you help people and why you deserve to be noticed. A powerful LinkedIn Profile sells you. I recently came across a blog article that was full of really great tips for ensuring your LinkedIn profile is very compelling. More and more professionals are flocking to LinkedIn to communicate so they can attract business and find people who can solve their problems. Take a few moments to review this LinkedIn Makeover article, it will pay dividends as you ensure your profile is powerful so you will receive the attention that you want. I will be doing the same as I continue to make improvements to my own LinkedIn profile.

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John-Zahn-Headshot-BlogJohn Zahn is a Co-Founder of Omnibeat. As a long-time business owner with an interest in technology, he strives to help businesses embrace new technology while sharing their unique story online. John loves helping business owners “Catch the Wave of Digital Marketing.”

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