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Working IN Your Business Vs Working ON Your Business

November 8th, 2017 Posted by Business Development No Comment yet

A lot of times I find myself trying to balance working IN my business versus working ON my business. By this I mean that it’s hard to work on big picture items like marketing and development while simultaneously trying to maintain your clients and make revenue. In this blog, we’ll talk about some of the difficulties that come when balancing working ON your business versus working IN your business and offer a few tips for how to manage this struggle.


Working IN Your Business

No matter what your business does, working IN your business is needed. Working IN your business is the way that you get customers, make money, and live the lifestyle you are. If you fail to work IN your business then your business is going to fail and you will be left in the dirt regardless of how pretty your website looks or how strong your team chemistry is. With this being said, you occasionally need to take some time and step away from working IN your business to work ON your business. If you never work ON your business then your business will never function at maximum capacity and you may be missing out on revenue – even if it seems you are handling all the clients you can.


Working ON Your Business

Working ON your business can entail a number a different thing, but one of the main focuses should be expanding your business. You can expand your business through marketing and hiring of new employees, and in doing this you will be setting your business up for success in the long-run. However, you also need to focus on items that will not necessarily expand your business, but possibly make it operate more efficiently and enjoyably – this can range from team bonding to website construction. Actions like these may not expand the potential of your business or boost revenue, but they will make work better for you and your employees. These elements are especially important because loving your business and what you do should be important than growing revenue and making more money.  You always need to take time to step away and work ON your business, even if this means losing some leads and making less profit for the time being.


Finding a Balance that Works for You

Every company must find the balance that works best for them, but for us we found that a “big picture” meeting every week or so can make a huge difference. At these meetings, we get everyone together, sit down for a chunk of time, and talk big picture. These meetings are simple and time-efficient, but they have led to some of our best ideas yet.  Everyone has those tasks they always think about but never do – these meetings help you take initiative and begin those tasks. As we said, every company needs to balance working ON and working IN your business differently, and for some companies it may just be some employees do one and the others do another. However, we just found it best to stop working IN our business, sit down with everyone, and just brainstorm ways to work ON the business and make it better.

Working ON your business and working IN your business are both incredibly important; however, a lot of companies find it hard to balance the two. We have found a system that works for us, but every company is different. Thus, we’d love for you to email us back and hear your answers to the following questions:


Does your company face similar issues with balancing working ON your business versus working IN your business? If so, how do you find time to balance both and do you have a system that works best for you?


John Zahn is a Co-Founder of Omnibeat. As a long-time business owner with an interest in technology, he strives to help businesses embrace new technology while sharing their unique story online. John loves helping business owners “Catch the Wave of Digital Marketing.”

Omnibeat is the digital marketing outsource solution for growth in Los Alamitos and the greater Long Beach area.

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