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Events can be a great way to learn new ideas to help grow your business, as well as a great opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals. However, the problem often is that it is nearly impossible to talk to everyone at a single event and you may often miss out on meeting people that could help you and your business. This is where Twitter is helpful. Twitter can help you interact with a larger range of people and can help draw other users to your Twitter profile and business. In this blog, we will be talking about how to effectively use Twitter at events to optimize success and interaction.

Plan Ahead

Before you even attend an event you should begin by tweeting about it a few days before hand. In doing this, you will be informing your followers of the upcoming event while opening the door to interacting with fellow attendees. A few simple tweets ahead of the event will prime you for what is to come and give you the competitive edge when it comes to getting your tweets recognized.


Use the Hashtag

Every successful event should have a hashtag – odds are the events hashtag will be posted around the event and trending on Twitter in your area. These hashtags can be a crucial way for others to locate your Tweets and for you to locate their Tweets. For example, the hashtag #RelationshipGoals is a common hashtag that can be used to find happy couples, and is also a hashtag I have a funny story about at the end of this blog. By simply clicking on the hashtag you can see a long list of Tweets from that event, and this will enable you to see what others are saying. You should hashtag every tweet regarding the event whether it be before, during, or after because this is the simplest way for Twitter users to find and interact with one another.

Twitter Hashtag


Tweet Quotes and Pictures from the Event

Your Tweets are going to attract a lot more attention if they contain quotes and pictures rather than just simply words. Tweeting quotes from speakers will not only draw attention from other Twitter users, but can also draw support from the speaker as well, as they often like to know that others are paying attention and benefitting from their talk. Visual content is crucial in drawing in others, as there may be hundreds of tweets with words but only a few with pictures, and it is no secret we are attracted to visually enticing stimuli. If you tweet quotes and pictures from the event odds are you will gain much more attention than someone just tweeting words, and attention is the key to success while using Twitter at events.

Twitter Photo Quote


Interact with Others

As we previously mentioned, using Twitter at events not only helps others notice you but also helps you notice others. Interacting with other Twitter users at the event is one of the best ways to spread your influence and find others with similar ideals. You should try responding to others Tweets and retweeting tweets you enjoy – in doing this, you will be triggering others to check out your profile and thus interacting with more Twitter users from the event.

Follow Up After the Event

To get the most out of the event, you want to ensure that your connections and takeaways last longer than the event itself. You should follow your new connections on Twitter and add them on Facebook or LinkedIn. Additionally, you should try writing a blog post about the event in which you embed your tweets and share the post with your followers, including the new ones from the event. These two simple actions will be crucial in maintaining the connections you make and are necessary if you truly want to make the most of using Twitter at an event.


Twitter is a tool that can be incredibly useful at events. Through Twitter you can make connections with others and thus expand your brand while drawing inspiration from like-minded individuals. What events are you planning on attending and using Twitter at in the near future?


JZ & Alyson 2017 New YearsMy Real Life Experience


Alyson and I recently broke in the New Year at the New Year’s Eve celebration on the Queen Mary. We were having a ball, as you can see, when we were approached by a young couple. They were happy to see us having fun and asked how long we had been married – we responded, “Eighteen years and going strong!” Her response was “Wow! #RelationshipGoals.” Just goes to show how millennials think! Love it!



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