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Social Media Weather Update: Snapchat and Twitter

August 8th, 2017 Posted by Business Development, Development, Tools and Technology No Comment yet

All six of these social media platforms serve different purposes and target different audiences making them all valuable for marketing. Over the next three blogs we will be discussing these six sites regarding their logistics, audience, and purpose of each of each site. By the year 2020, over 2 billion people will be using social media meaning that your company’s digital marketing needs to shift towards social media now or else be left behind; thus, we will also offer ideas about how your business can utilize each of these sites to fit your intent.


Snapchat, the Beauty Behind Your Business

June 4th, 2016 Posted by Business Development, Experts, How To, Tools and Technology No Comment yet

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media apps as it has 100 million daily users despite only launching in 2011. Snapchat is exclusive to the mobile and tablet app available through the app store and android store, and there is an average of 400 million snaps sent on the app daily. With that being said, Snapchat – similar to Instagram – is a social media site mostly used by millennials and younger groups. Thus, Snapchat is ideal for companies targeting a younger audience, but can be beneficial to any business looking to get ahead and gain an edge via social media.


Snapchat for Business – A Guide for Marketers

January 13th, 2016 Posted by Business Development, Experts No Comment yet

Snapchat: a relatively new social media app that began as a way to send pictures to friends and has diversified and grown in popularity over the past few years. Snapchat is different from other social media apps as your content is only viewable for a short portion of time; thus, allowing you to more frequently post content. Snapchat’s users typically fall in the 13 – 37 year old age group and the app receives over a 100 million daily users. If this sounds like a similar age group to the one you’re targeting then marketing via Snapchat is a must!

Snapchat’s newest addition allows you to post pictures and videos to your “story” which all your friends can view for 24 hours. This story feature can serve a number of uses – for example:

1) Give a Behind the Scenes Look to Your Business

As social media becomes more and more mainstream there continues to be a growth in businesses that gain popularity via content. The Dollar Shave Club is an example of a business that found stardom due to its funny content and likeable staff. This is just one example but numerous businesses have found success because they were comical and likeable – maybe Snapchat can do the same for you.

2) Offer Contests, Deals, or Promotions

Contests and deals can be a great way to simultaneously promote your business and Snapchat. You could have a contest in which you have your followers on Snapchat send you pictures and then randomly choose a winner. You could also have a contest in which followers screenshot your story and post it on another social media site to promote your Snapchat Profile. The possibilities are endless.

3) Provide Access to Live Events

Snapchat’s story feature is extremely useful for broadcasting live events. You could take pictures and videos of an event and then post on your story for your friends and customers to see. This being said you would not live broadcast the entire event but rather short, entertaining segments.

4) Much More…

These are some of the limitless possibilities Snapchat offers. Even if you decide to just occasionally post a picture or video Snapchat can still help you to diversify and expand your influence and audience.

If you’re interested in adding Snapchat to your social media presence then download the app either in the App Store or Android Market. If you need additional assistance check out this website or shoot us an email at and
Headshot-Nate-TrimmerNate Trimmer is a Co-Founder of Omnibeat. As a social media enthusiast with a background in organizational development and computer technology, he strives to help businesses understand and embrace social media.


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