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Pokemon Go Quit

Pokémon Go, Where’d It Go?

June 8th, 2017 Posted by Experts, Tools and Technology No Comment yet

Do you remember Pokémon Go? The game came out exactly a year ago today, and it took the world by storm. Everywhere you went there were kids consumed by their phones trying to catch these Pokémon hidden throughout the real world. At one point the game had almost 30 million daily users with new headlines coming out about the game daily. However, now there are not even 5 million daily users and the app rarely gets a mainstream headline. So it begs the question: what happened? Well in this blog we’ll update you on what’s happening with Pokémon Go these days, and reveal some key takeaways we can all learn from the meteoric rise and fall of this app.



Pikachu 4 President – Pokémon Go Growing Daily

July 27th, 2016 Posted by Business Development, Development, Tools and Technology No Comment yet

If you haven’t heard about Pokémon Go by now, then you must be living under a rock. The app became the largest mobile game in US history with 21 million daily users in the first week and caused Nintendo’s share prices to jump 70 percent. Everywhere you go you can see people, young and not so young, walking around like lifeless, cell-phone-equipped zombies.


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