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OmniTalk – Resolutions 2017, Losing Weight!

February 1st, 2017 Posted by OmniTalk No Comment yet

It’s been an exciting 2017 so far! But we are going to steer clear of Executive Orders and Walls and instead focus on one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions—LOSING WEIGHT!

The resolution comes in many forms, including getting in shape, eating better, exercising regularly, and so on. It also seems to be the one that people give up earliest. The gyms are always teeming with activity in January that seems to fizzle through February and March.


Here is what lists as the top five new year’s resolutions:

Rank Top New Year’s resolutions for 2017 Percent
1 Lose Weight / Healthier Eating 21.4%
2 Life / Self Improvements 12.3%
3 Better Financial Decisions 8.5%
4 Quit Smoking 7.1%
5 Do more exciting things 6.3%


We took a look at searches in 2017 for the keywords related to the number one quest. While most of the searches were for memberships at gyms, there were over 9,000 searches of Gym Membership CANCELLATION. Perhaps the consideration to cancel a membership was part of resolution #3 as listed above—better financial decisions.


As you peruse the list you will notice that the more specific searches had fewer results than the more broad “HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT.”


Search Words                                                                    Search Results

“GYM MEMBERSHIP,” 2017                                                5,810,000 results

“GYM MEMBERSHIPS,” 2017                                              1,720,000 results

“GYM MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION,” 2017                       9,390 results

“FITNESS BOOT CAMP,” 2017                                             190,000 results

“BEST WORKOUT,” 2017                                                     5,050,000 results

“HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT,” 2017                                     12,400,000 results

“HOW TO EAT HEALTHY,” 2017                                       2,580,000 results


Note: If you search without the “quotation marks” around the keywords, you will find much larger results that include those words in some form. Searching for GYM MEMBERSHIP 2017 without the quotes yields 299 million results.


Take a look at the very slight difference between the first two search terms—singular versus plural. Just one ‘s’ makes a huge difference. This is something to consider when you choose your keywords. But don’t presume the singular form of the word is always the more popular usage. Do a little research, some keywords might be searched for more in the plural form, like the word “keywords.” The singular “keyword” renders 552,000,000 results, as compared to “keywords” with 902,000,000 results.


If getting fit was one of your 2017 resolutions in any form, we hope you are still at it and find comfort that you are not alone. Keep going!


Leslie A.M. SmithOmniTalk is a monthly Google search round-up of things that happened, were searched for, and explored. It’s an interesting index of people and culture. We hope you enjoy it at the end of every month.


Leslie A.M. Smith has been an independent public relations consultant since 1994. Follow her on Twitter @LeslieAMSmith or on Facebook

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