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Welcome to a new monthly feature we are adding to the blog called OmniTalk. This is essentially a Google search round-up for the month with a dash of humor. We hope you enjoy it and welcome your feedback.

We’re certain that like most people you run a Google or Internet search of some kind probably at least once a day. Maybe your search is more specific—like for movies on IMDB—but it goes without saying that we use the Internet how some of us used to use an encyclopedia. If you don’t know what an encyclopedia is, look it up on Google.

To end November, we ran a few searches on the great American holiday that we just celebrated. No, not Black Friday, Thanksgiving! We know that there are a lot of problems that occur in the midst of preparing the perfect meal. We wish that the worst of it was forgetting to make cranberry sauce, but there are much more dreaded problems like kitchen fires and burning the pie. Just kidding … kind of.

We were curious if the problems were outweighing the joy of cooking so we conducted a little comparison search and were pleased with the results.

We searched for Thanksgiving PROBLEMS, FIRES, and RECIPES in 2016. It is important to mention that when you do your own searches, you want to define your search to the two words you are searching by using quotes around that phrase. For example, you want to search for “Thanksgiving Problems” 2016 to limit the search otherwise you will find every entry that contains the words Thanksgiving and Problems that might be way too vague, or really enlightening depending on how you see it. We included 2016 to find just this year’s articles, stories, and fables, put did not put that inside the quotes because it likely would not be used following those words exactly. Here are the results.

Search Words                          Search Results

“Thanksgiving Problems” 2016           6,360

“Thanksgiving Fires” 2016                  14,500*

“Thanksgiving Recipes” 2016  5,270,000

Woohoo! What a relief to know that the talk about preparing the meal was far greater (at least on sources found by Google) than the problems, including fires, related to Thanksgiving. We hope your feast (or diet plate, if you’re weird) was delicious and without incident.

*This does not indicate that there were 14,500 Thanksgiving fires, it simply means that the particular phrase was found in this search that many times. This could include articles on how to AVOID Thanksgiving Fires. You can look it up for yourself.

Leslie A.M. SmithOmniTalk is a monthly Google search round-up of things that happened, were searched for, and explored. It’s an interesting index of people and culture. We hope you enjoy it at the end of every month.

Leslie A.M. Smith has been an independent public relations consultant since 1994. Follow her on Twitter @LeslieAMSmith or on Facebook

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