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Our management and measurement of your Digital Marketing includes monthly summary reports with recommendations for changes in tactic based upon customer and fan engagement. Insights and Analytics provide the data necessary to determine which approaches to continue to employ. We write a special report for each client that is down to Earth with benefits, opportunities and action items for both the client and Omnibeat.


Through relationship building, we help you learn about your customers wants and needs. When measuring traffic from Social Media posts to your website we learn what products and services resonate with your fans. This allows us to shift your content’s focus to provide what is most relevant to your followers. Our top concern is your fans and customers desires.


Digital Marketing will not work if there isn’t an appointed person managing the content and platforms whether the role is outsourced or staffed.

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Client Testimonial: Penta Water

In a recent email we received a great compliment from one of our clients and proof that Social Media can show clear ROI (return on investment):

Good afternoon John and Nate,

This is a quick email to let you know that your creativity, attention to details and follow through have yielded some amazing results for Penta Water. I thought you might be interested in hearing what you have accomplished for us in a very short period of time. I’ll start with Facebook.  Our number of “likes” have increase by 40% in the past three months (we now have more than 7,000 likes!);  our Facebook “reach” has gone from 1,532 per week to an average of 111,184 for the past four weeks.

Moreover we have seen the following as a result of the two MailChimp campaigns that you created and ran for us …

First campaign – we saw a six fold increase in orders during the first two days after the campaign was sent, we received over 80 orders with an average of eight cases per order … that is over $240 per order, or more than $20,000 total! Additionally, we received orders from customers that had not purchased from our e-commerce site in over two years.

Second campaign – we increased the orders received in the first 24 hours from an average of three without the campaign to 44 with the campaign.

I want to thank you for all that you are doing to make our social media efforts an overwhelming success.

All the best,

Michael Dunn, COO, Penta Water

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