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Integrating Email with Social Media

September 12th, 2017 Posted by Business Development, Development, Experts No Comment yet

Email marketing has become one of the most useful forms of digital marketing with an average 3,800% return on investment – that equals $3,900 for every $100 invested! Email marketing helps draw in new prospects to your business and keeps you connected to existing customers, encouraging them to continue purchasing your company’s product. Social media is another powerful form of digital marketing allowing your brand to be constantly interacting with your customers in a communal sense. Thus, what better way to optimize your digital marketing than to combine the two together? In this blog, we will talk about ways you can integrate email with social media to ensure that you get the most out of digital marketing and see a higher return on your investment.

Connect with Your Email Contacts on Social Media

One of the first things you should do after establishing your social media presence is to connect with your email contacts. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook allow you to upload to your email contacts so that you can instantly connect with them and start growing your audience. Beyond this, Twitter and Facebook allow you to upload your email campaign contact list so that you can target these people specifically with ads – this can allow you to target a specific audience through both email and social media. To some this may sound repetitive, but this tactic can be helpful if you have a strong, extensive email list with returning customers that constitute a majority of your business.

Grow Your Email Chain Through Social Media

If you have a strong following on social media that is not a part of your email chain then you should try to integrate the two and add those followers to your email chain. Facebook offers an easy solution to this as the custom tabs can be used for newsletter signups – this way followers can sign up for your email chain simply through Facebook. Another way to do this is just to post a link to join your email chain through a regular post whether it be on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. Regardless, you should make sure that your email contacts and social media followers are as closely aligned as possible, so that you can successfully market to these clients and maintain returning customers. With this being said, your business should always be trying to add new connections and expand these two marketing channels. Never be content with your network – always work to expand.

Share your Social Media Posts Through Email

One of the best ways to integrate social media and email is to share your social media posts through email. Every email and social media post should not be the same, because this would become repetitive and irritating to customers, but you can occasionally share your most popular or important social media posts through email. If you opt not to do this and want to keep your email content and social media content separated then you can simply add social media buttons to your emails.

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Provide Incentives

Most people will not join a newsletter unless prompted to; therefore, an incentive can be beneficial for adding contacts to your email campaign. Monetary based incentives can often be the most effective, as seen below for Hydroflask’s email campaign that incentivized all customers based off total popularity, but this does not mean an incentive needs to offer some financial benefit. You can find creative ways to grow your audience and get them involved. For example, you can offer webinars or other ways of sharing useful information that will incentivize customers and encourage them to sign up.

Email and social media have become two of the best forms of digital marketing, so integrating the two together will only make your digital marketing stronger. Integrating the two can be quite simple due to the tools provided by social media sites like Twitter and Facebook as well as email campaign services like Mailchimp. Social media and email can be incredibly helpful for maintaining returning customers, but, in the end, your company should always be looking to expand its network and grow its customer base.


Headshot-Nate-TrimmerNate Trimmer is a Co-Founder of Omnibeat. As a social media enthusiast with a background in organizational development and computer technology, he strives to help businesses understand and embrace social media.

Omnibeat is the digital marketing outsource solution for growth in Los Alamitos and the greater Long Beach area.

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