Hunting for the Perfect Hire, Part 2

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Many organizations do the “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach to Hiring and don’t take the time to clearly define the “target” of what they need.  As a result, you miss the mark and get a poor hire. In this article, Tom Willingham talks about the steps of creating the Benchmark through defining the filters and clarifying the target employee.

Take Control of Your Hiring Process!  7 Steps to Improve Hiring Success.

In Part 1, we discussed how we assisted our Client with using a new Hiring Process to improve their search process and clearly define expectations for the position and then post the opening online.

Step 5:  Let the Power of the Technology Work for You

After posting the opening to the Job Boards, the Client was thrilled by the volume of responses and knowing that Prevue APS would automatically screen and rank the candidates from most qualified to least.  If the client had used their former process, the HR Department would have spent time sorting through e-mails and piles of resumes of unqualified candidates.

Step 6:  Review and Interview the Top Qualified Candidates

Nearly 150 candidates applied but only 40 met the qualifications.  Based on the Job Screening Scores and review of qualifications, ten candidates were selected for phone interviews.  The candidate pool was so strong that the Client struggled narrowing down from their Top 10 to only three finalists.

People are like icebergs and when candidates go through an interview, we only see the fraction of personality they bring to the surface.  So the hiring team could have a deeper look into their suitability for the position, each of the three finalists were asked to complete an online Prevue Assessment before the in-person interviews.

Below is a snapshot of four of the twenty Prevue scales (Benchmark ranges shaded green) which highlighted underlying differences in the candidates.

Benchmark Prevue


All of the finalists had incredible work histories and “Candidate A” even had significant industry experience.  However, knowing the position would require extensive work engaging with customers, the Prevue results enabled the hiring team to ask the important questions to probe further and evaluate the subtle differences between the finalists.

Step 7:  Hire the Best Candidate for Your Job Opening!

The selection process must be a balance between a candidate’s History, the Interview and Job Fit.  Far too many candidates get the job because of an inflated resume or the impression made during the first 30 seconds of the Interview and then disappoint with their performance over time.  Internet technology such as the Prevue APS Applicant Processing System now makes it easier to quickly source and identify top talent.  Adding a Job Fit Assessment, like the Prevue, to the hiring process increases your ability to make a good hire and reduce employee turnover.  Here is a link to the 7 Steps to Improve Hiring Success we used.

So…which candidate would you choose?

Tom WillinghamTom Willingham is the President of The Hampton Group, an Operations and Management Consulting Firm he founded in 2003 to help middle market companies in Southern California achieve superior performance levels. Tom has 28 years’ experience in operations management, specializes in driving waste out of manufacturing and office processes, and has worked with over 100 facilities and thousands of employees to generate innovative solutions to drive bottom line performance.

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