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To most people, texting is more convenient than emailing, but we email anyways because it’s more professional, easier to attach files, and you’re able to find messages easily. Business messaging combines the key features of these two providing quick, simple communication like texts and the file sharing of emails, while preventing you from having to follow long email chains and deal with junk mail. It is because of this effectiveness and accessibility that so many businesses are turning towards team messaging platforms. We’ve provided a few popular team messaging platforms which you can check out if you find your business having trouble or wasting time communicating.

slack logoSlack

Slack is a popular business messaging platform that is used by small companies and companies as large as NBCUniversal. Slack is an app that can be downloaded on iOS or Android so you can communicate anywhere on any device. The service is said to increase productivity by 32% due to its streamlined user face and ability to easily share documents and files. Slack offers free plans as well as paid plans depending upon the features your business desires.

avaamo logoAvaamo

Avaamo is a mobile only app that can be useful for teams communicating via mobile while on the go. Avaamo is another user friendly app that allows you to have everything in one place as you can share files, schedule meetings, and communicate more effectively all at once. One key feature of Avaamo is its secure messaging between not only your business but also other clients outside your business. Avaamo also offers free and premium plans similar to Slack.

hip chat logoHipChat

HipChat is a messaging platform built for businesses and will run on any device. HipChat also lets you share files, share screens, and message limitlessly. You can fully customize your interface and search for any messages in the past. HipChat, like the previous two, has a free and premium plan.

convo logoConvo

Convo is meant to eliminate time wasted emailing by providing all the tools you need in one, secure location. It has easy integration to increase productivity and organization within your business. Convo is used by a variety of businesses due to its three plans ranging from free to $9 a month to Enterprise which has custom pricing for each business.


In summary, all four of these are fantastic options. There is very little that sets them apart and you have to thoroughly investigate each’s features to find key differences. The main thing that sets these apart are the interface, so if you’re looking to try a new business messaging platform test them out. See whichever one you personally like the feel of and then spread the word with your business colleagues.

Headshot-Nate-TrimmerNate Trimmer is a Co-Founder of Omnibeat. As a social media enthusiast with a background in organizational development and computer technology, he strives to help businesses understand and embrace social media.

Omnibeat is the digital marketing outsource solution for growth in Los Alamitos and the greater Long Beach area.

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