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Facebook Timeline Deadline March 30th

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Are you ready for the switch to Timeline for ALL pages?

Today is March 19th.  That means you officially have eleven days to get your Facebook page ready for Timeline.  Although that does sounds like plenty of time, we all know that days fly and deadlines come.  Trust me.  I speak from experience.  There have been one too many college essays I frantically wrote at the dead of night the day before it was due. 
Do not put this off any longer.  Review some of the new Facebook features and spend some time this week brainstorming ways to effectively utilize everything.  As you may have noticed from many of the profiles pages that have already converted over to Timeline, the new layout’s most stunning feature is the addition of the cover photo.  
Contrary to profiles pages, businesses should deeply consider what kind of image they want conveyed.  Before you start slapping your Timeline with countless ads and promotions, here are a few key restrictions to remember regarding the cover photo:
  • The cover photo cannot include any prices or deals.  Things such as “35% Off a Taco” will not be allowed.
  • Contact information is prohibited from being placed on the cover photo.  Items such as address, web address, and phone number should be avoided.  Basically, anything that belongs on your About section should not be on the cover photo.
  • The photo cannot inform users to like or share the page.  Stay away from any type of call to actions.
Those are pretty much the main restrictions to understand.  Be aware that Facebook will be strictly enforcing these rules.  You may say,” But it’s my page!” However, in the end, Facebook owns Facebook, so you can’t win there.  Many speculate that Facebook.
If you haven’t already, go start on your Timeline.  It might be fun to play around with the history and photos. Milestones are an important aspect of your story.
IMPORTANT: Use high quality photos for your photos.  Do not hesitate to employ someone with Photoshop skills to beautify your cover photo.
Do you like the Timeline?  What do you think of the new changes?

Nelson Ta is the Content Editor and lead blogger for Omnibeat.  As a social media enthusiast with a extensive background in writing, he strives to help businesses and people understand the latest trends in social media, technology, and marketing.






  • shari

    No, I do not care for timeline.

  • omnibeat

    Hello Shari, Facebook has been changing the profile and business pages quite a bit lately. Have you decided what you like and don’t like?

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