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Omnibeat is a digital marketing agency serving its clients by creating and implementing cutting edge internet and social media strategies that heighten visibility, create positive credibility, generate new business and ultimately lead to increased ROI.

“Catch the Wave of Digital Marketing”

What is Omnibeat?  The name itself is derived from a combination of the root word “omni” which means all and the journalistic term “beat” meaning story or news. Our job—whether you are a physician, contractor, lawyer, etc.—is to help you share that story online. Your story, your business, your life, and your endeavors make your story unique. No matter how great that story is, no one will ever know about it if it isn’t marketed through the right methods. Without an online presence, businesses are invisible and basically shouting at random alleys and empty hallways. Omnibeat helps make it easier for customers to find you. We get the story out in the open so others can hear it.

Everyone has a story, what’s yours?


Omnibeat works with you to make your business and services shine. Your story is unique and we help you share it.


We provide boutique services with big firm results because you matter. Each of our clients receive personalized attention.


Each business is different. Our services are customizable to your goals, your needs and your budget.

What We Do

As your digital marketing outsource, we help you build a roadmap and share your story for you.


We are your Digital Marketing outsource solution.

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We create your fully customized Digital Marketing Plan.

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We develop your updated brand for recognition.

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We develop fully responsive WordPress websites.

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We optimize your website for search engines so that your content is organically found.

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We update your online presence to ensure consistency across online listings.

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We manage your online campaigns to place your services and products in front of customers.

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We manage your online campaigns to place your services and products in front of customers.

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We devise your strategy and manage effective social media publishing.

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We review analytics and adjust our approach each month.

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Meet Our Team

John Zahn
John Zahn has been a small business owner for more than twenty years. Not being a technically savvy person, John resisted the ideas of using a website and internet marketing. It was not until shown the benefits by a young savvy person, Nate Trimmer, that John began to take the journey to learn, understand and embrace these new technologies. It has not only helped John’s existing business in many ways, but it has forced John to reevaluate all of his business actions to streamline and harness his online presence. Now, John is seeing the benefits of new clients and an increase in business, having confidence in his business experience. This was the catalyst which caused John to join forces with Nate and create Omnibeat. As the big picture guy, John is sharing this process with other companies. John is energized to continue helping others catch the wave.

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Nate Trimmer
Nate Trimmer graduated from the College of Engineering at CSULB and soon realized he was driven to help others grow their business through harnessing technology and sharing their story online. After meeting John, the pair began thinking more about helping empower John’s business through utilizing an online presence and relationship building. Soon after, Nate and John realized they could work together; technological savvy and big picture focus helped drive business success. Nate focuses on teaching business owners how to share their story while implementing the technology necessary to do so effectively.
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Leslie A.M. Smith
PR Consultant
Leslie has been a public relations consultant since 1994, assisting clients in promoting their businesses in engaging and interesting ways. She has consulted with businesses from one-person firms to several thousand employee corporations, spanning the gamut from family-owned restaurants and nonprofit organizations to aerospace and public agencies. She has been assisting Omnibeat since 2014 by creating marketing tools for their clients that help them plan digital activities that help meet their objectives.
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What Our Clients Say

Catch The Wave With Omnibeat Now

The benefits from the Social Media Revolution are rather synergistic. Synergy is the larger than anticipated result from a combination of parts. This is exactly what happens when all of your Digital Marketing tools are working effectively in combination with your website and online presence. The total benefits far outweigh the sum of all the parts. This synergy continues to grow for yourself, your business, and partners in your field. You benefit from Active Social Media, a Full Online Presence, a Streamlined Office, a Paperless Office, and a Business Paradigm Shift.

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From Our Blog

Blog as the Expert in your Field

Blog as the Expert in your Field

If your business does not currently have a frequent blog then you are missing out. To some, blogs may seem pointless and a waste of time, but, in truth, a blog should be an essential part to any company website due to its various benefits. What benefits you ask? Well for one blogging helps drive traffic to your website as a base of 20-50 articles will increase traffic by about 30%. In addition, blogging improves SEO as companies with blogs get 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages. The numbers don’t lie. Blogging is a small, easy thing that yields massive results, so there really is no reason not to blog. Now, keep reading and we’ll share some tips we’ve learned on how to make your blog enjoyable and successful.

Develop Buy-In

A blog is something that can be run by a single person if necessary, but developing buy-in and getting your entire team onboard will only help strengthen your blogs. Having a group of people working on blog posts will help highlight different outlooks and provide various ideas to make a well-rounded blog queue. Now, in order to develop this buy-in you should show your employees and co-workers the numbers and explain how a blog will help your business. Next, you must ensure that your blog is centered on passion. This means that you are writing about something you want to write about – writing about your business’s core values and principles will generate a voice and highlight your team’s passions. This will not only make blogging more enjoyable but also help you in connecting with your audience.

Formulate Ideas

Your blog should have a purpose and clearly outlined goals. Using these two as paths, start formulating ideas for your blogs and what you think would make good topics. The ideas can be related to practically anything, but you should ensure that they tie into your business one way or another. This is also where getting your entire team onboard comes in hand. You should all get together and brainstorm, writing these ideas down in order to use them for future blogs. Here at Omnibeat we do something similar as we have a content library in which we have numerous blog ideas for the future.

Make a Calendar

Not only do we have a content library, we also have a content calendar. A content calendar will help your company stay organized and post blogs frequently. You should first decide how often you want to post whether it be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or whatever. (We post weekly.) Next, make an excel spreadsheet with all basic information such as a blog’s title, author, draft date, post date, and anything else you find helpful. This simple trick will help you stay organized and on time with your posts. If you are looking for the most effective way to stay organized with your blog posts then check out Smartsheet – we wrote a blog about it a few weeks back titled “Get Smart with Smartsheet.”

Optimize Your Blogs

Nobody wants to read something boring and bland. Use action words and strong headlines to gain your audience’s attention and keep it throughout the entire article. Rather than “Business Blogging” try “Blog as the Expert in your Field.” In addition, scatter calls to action throughout your blog to keep the audience engaged and interacting. Each blog should have a clear goal whether it be to gain subscriptions, inform the audience, make sales, or whatever. Blogging is simple, and can often be too simple. This is why you want to ensure that you are keeping your blog strong and interesting and prevent yourself from growing lazy and allowing it from being another bland blog with no real effect on the audience.

Blog Numbers


The numbers speak for themselves – there is really no reason not to start a blog for your business. A simple weekly article will boost not only your site traffic but in turn your sales. It may seem like a waste of time, but blogs can lead to massive results if utilized correctly. Blogs are unique as a blog from months ago will continue to drive traffic to your site today. This is why you need to start writing and blog as the expert in your field.


Headshot-Nate-TrimmerNate Trimmer is a Co-Founder of Omnibeat. As a social media enthusiast with a background in organizational development and computer technology, he strives to help businesses understand and embrace social media.

Omnibeat is the digital marketing outsource solution for growth in Los Alamitos and the greater Long Beach area.


Instagram for Lawyers

Instagram for Lawyers

A lawyer is one of the 50 most popular jobs in America with around half a million people estimated to be a working law professional. A lawyer will always be in demand by a client and a lawyer will always be available – the only problem is linking the two. Social media is a great place for lawyers to advertise as many people will stumble across a lawyer’s ad and simultaneously have a need for assistance. We believe that Instagram is an ideal location for lawyers to market their service and, if used correctly, can greatly benefit a lawyer and his or her business.


Pinterest for Lawyers

Pinterest for Lawyers

A lawyer is one of the more popular and demanded professions in the world. Marketing as a lawyer is no easy task as you have no specific product you are pushing, but rather a service. This is why we welcome any possible marketing tactics for lawyers and we think we discovered a new one: Pinterest. Pinterest is a massively popular social media site home to 100 million active users. Pinterest is a web and mobile application that allows users to upload, share, and save images known as pins. Pinterest is unique from other social media sites as it promotes online shopping and business like no other with 93% of Pinners having shopped online in the past 6 months. However, it should be said that 85% of Pinterest users are female so the site should probably only be used if you are targeting a female audience.



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